Goethe Institut Manila – is a school where to learn German Language.

People from the Philippines who get married into a German, needs to learn German language. One must prove that they have knowledge in  basic German language  before the departure. You must achive the A1 language certificate for the requirement of visa (for example, Marriage / Family Reunion visa ). The required knowledge of German can prove in the examination at the Goethe Institut Manila.

There are other schools who offer German Language, but only the certificate of Goethe Institut is accepted in german embassy.

The only disadvantage is that you must dig deep into your pockets to be able to pay the school expenses.  If your future wife has a great ambition and can learn well by you , it is quite possible to acquire the exam even without a German course. Since my wife and I don’t want to pay so much to learn German Language, she decided to gather learning tools from the internet and of course with me. Then she acquire the prerequisite knowledge after some months by herself.

For a life in Germany or other foreign country, the A1 language certificate is necessary – it is a prerequisite.

A great support can be a preparatory school – e. g. the Goethe Institute. Unfortunately you have to pay a high enrolment fees in order to visit this kind of school.

If your future wife can be taught by yourself it will also be possible to get the exam without attending a German course. My wife learned Germany language with my support; additionally she used many tools from the internet to be prepared for the examination.

Here are some listed tools to help you learn German language:

A German website – the first and best place was for my wife

In cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, it will be possible for every person to learn at home and to be prepared for the exam. You will find a large selection of PDF files and MP3 to listen the German pronunciation.

The platform www.duolingo.com is very helpful (also available as app for Smartphones). The lesson is made as a game, so it makes a lot of fun.

In the case of a mistake, you will lose your life if you make a mistake – also, you will be motivated to stay alive, as consequence you will learn a lot.

On www.busuu.com/de you will be in contact with many lessons wit a lot of vocabularies and grammar. At the end of each lesson, you have to do a test in which your knowledge will be controlled.

Other Links to learn the German language:

Super to learn the pronunciation.

Perfect in order to learn with the Smartphone.

Related Links:

My recommendation:
If your fiancée is living in Manila, you will have the possibility to visit the Goethe Institute in order to support her. In the library, you will have the opportunity to borrow not only books, but also DVDs to watch German movies with subtitles. Be not afraid, the rental is only approx. 500 pesos per year.

My tip:
I’ve downloaded a lot of videos from YouTube – here you will find a lot of English films and series in German. I believe a perfect condition in order to learn the pronunciation. Laptop and a good headset should naturally be present.