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Everyday issues around the Philippines written by a backpacker, emigrant and a Filipina.

Hello, my name is Stephan. I would like to use this site untitledto share my experiences with you on my travels in the Philippines. The love for the Philippines gave me the idea and inspiration to create my blog (https://meet-the-philippines.com).  Meanwhile, my dear wife is on board and who is supporting me energetically in all projects. She is now responsible for this blog and website. Together, we are building a new and exciting content for you and make our website your first point of entry over the Philippines. In addition, I have managed to publish my first e-book (https://meet-the-philippines.com/ebook-philippines), to help you organize a new life in the Philippines by yourself. My desire is to help many people as possible to make their dream come true.

Hi. I am Reylita and the one who’s responsible now untitledfor this blog and website.  As a native Filipina, it is a matter of my heart to bring you closer to my country and related culture. I mainly care about our social media channels and write new articles daily on the English version of meet-the-philippines. You may also like to be a fan of Asian food and would like to know more about Filipino cuisine.

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Thank you for your time and enjoy reading and exploring the Philippines!

Meet-the-philippines – Reylita & Stephan