Guide for buying a house and house for rent philippines

While one would assume that most Philippines properties available nowadays are condominiums, there are equally as many options for those looking for a house for sale in Metro Manila. However, for those who cannot yet accommodate buying property in their finances, renting is a practical alternative. One can easily find a townhouse, duplex, or single-family home for rent and ready for occupancy all over the capital.

Buying and house for rent philippines – how to find the right place to live?

The first step in order to rent a house or an apartment at the Philippines is to look for a good setting. Perhaps a place where you are compfortable and where it will be possible to purchase food in the closeness. Another possibility is if you have any friends in Philippines. It is also worth asking them about where they live and how much they pay, as they will probably know if there are any other reasonably priced apartments/condos in their building or nearby. It is probably best to at least look at 3 or 4 places to get an idea of what you can get for your money. Also taxi drivers will often be able to give good advices.
No matter the living arrangement is, there are many houses available for renting in the Philippines.

Buying and house for rent philippines – how to find the right property?

But do not forget, that it often need a lot of time to find a nice place to live. It will be possible to stay in a hotel or in a cheap Lodging House until  you will find an apartment. It is recommended to be informed concerning the environment. Places in the philippines can sometimes be very lively. You should not be surprised if you find a house or apartment which is not looking neat as in Europe. The houses are decorated differently in the Philippines. For example, the apartments are not plastered from the outside. The walls are not painted and the bathroom is also a pit toilet. This should not be a hindrance for your stay; with a small budget, it will be possible for you to renovate the place. You can design your own toilet, paint the walls and create your very own home.

Costs of house for rent philippines:

Type of accommodation price:(from time to time, always updated)

  • In the province, a small house starts from 3500,- Peso / month
  • In the cities, apartments costs about 10 000 or 15 000,- Peso
  • Flats with a terraced house is about 20 000,- Peso

For Comparison in renting house in the philippines: