Relocation abroad – Moving to the Philippines

You decided to immigrate to the Philippines, Now, you do not exactly know, what kind of things should be taken. Before the departure to the Philippines, it is therefore advisable to plan the project in detail. It is recommended to see the entire home furnishings in the new home. On German television, it often said, to take all possessions into a container and to immigrate to the Philippines, but do not forget, at the Philippines, furniture will be offered at an average price and in a good and durable quality. Sometimes it could be cheaper to buy it on site.

Organizing an international migration requires a precise planning.

Note: In any case, it is recommended to entrain electrical appliances, but you will obtain equipment with sufficient standard for only a few Euros. Additionally, you should take all important things you can not waive at the Philippines. If it will be really necessary to pack your possessions into a container, you have to consider the costs; often they are very expensive and often not worthwhile.

What are worth taking in moving to the Philippines?

Fitted kitchen
Not worth, it can be bought in big cities.

Living room, cabinet, bedroom with bed (furniture)
Not worth, this furniture can be bought for a low price and in a good quality.

Not worth, German television does not work at the Philippines; unfortunately, a different TV technique will be used.

Washing machine
Not worth, due to different electricity hardness, it could be possible that the washing machine will have some difficulties after some time.

Power Tools
Not worth, because now, it can be bought in all major cities at the Philippines.

A German keyboard
It is worth it, For your PC, so you can tap the familiar keyboard.

Snorkel equipment
It is worth it, if you want to go to the beach for a swim.

A gas grill 
It is also worth it if you love to grill. Tent, sleeping bag & air mattress is always good.

In addition, there are international cargos which are specialized for transporting all goods if there are products from your country that you wanted to bring in the Philippines safely and well.