Philippines Religion – At the Philippines are living the most Christians in the Asian region.

Since the beginning of the 20th century, there is already freedom about religion. No religious education is taught at schools. In many cases, however, there are quite Catholic schools, which are funded by the Church. Religion in the Philippines is matter of course and almost like a folk tradition. Particularly in the provinces, I was able to witness how religion was greatly helped in the Philippines to the youth in forceful fashion.

According to the statistic, Philippines religion and faith are devided as follow:

  • The Cristians who have been influenced by the Spanish colonial rule. They constitute more than 90% of the Philippine population.
  • The Muslims who were subjected only to the American colonial period. Approximately 7% of the Philippine population are included.
  • Thre remaining percent are the hardly influenced by Islam and the Spaniards.

Philippines Religion also means the culture, the values and traditions of the country.

In no Asian country, more people belong to the Christian faith, as in the Philippines. Also, most national and regional festivals that are celebrated in the Philippines, have a Christian background. From the percentage of 90 % as Christians, over 80 % are Catholics in the population. The high percentage of Catholics is a remnant of the early Spanish influence, in the early 16th century. Philippines religion  has an immense impact. This manifests itself in the fact that it has penetrated even in the areas of political and social life.

Every other Philippines religion is next to Christianity in the minority .

Furthermore, characterize Muslims has 7 %, which are primarily situated in the south area of the country, Buddhists with 3 %, as well as various members of campaign ( Jehovah’s Witnesses , Seventh-day activists ) are the Philippines Religion.

The Philippines religion of Christianity has shaped the general culture.

A good example is the respect for older and higher-ranking fellows. Since the beginning of the 20th century, freedom reigns in the Philippines religion. The school system of the country has no religious instruction. This is due to the diverse religious views within the population. Catholic schools are exempt from this requirement. In such institutions, much emphasis is placed on teaching students about the foundations of Christianity. Emigrant benefit from the countless faiths of Philippines Religion.