Work in the Philippines – Are Jobs in the Philippines for a foreigner possible at all?

There are only a few Philippines jobs that are required to work in the Philippines. To find a job is therefore always connected with a lot of perseverance, because unlike in Germany, foreigners in the Philippines are not allowed to do any job. There are so-called taboos in many Philippines jobs. Above all, traditionally native professions are even prohibited by foreigners by law. It also depends on your qualifications and the field of activity you want to work in the Philippines.

If you want to work in the Philippines, you should deal with the jobs in this country.

Finding job in the Philippines also depends on the location you live. However, it should be clear from the outset that you will not get to the salary structure that is common in much of Europe (or in Germany). That is why I always remind you that this country is a very poor. There are various criteria that may be relevant to the job selection process in the Philippines. For example, you can work as a development aid in the Philippines to get to know the great nature and the culture. People who can talk in English and who are able to agree to some extent will have the advantage in finding job.

My five variants to live in the Philippines:

1) If you possess a $200,000.  – you have the possibility to make an investment – For this please ask the Embassy of the Philippines or if you are advised in detail, it will be possible to invest directly in one of the company located at the Philippines. With luck, you will earn enough money to live independently and you will get an initial residence permit.

2) If you are older than 50 years, already retired and you obtain a pension of at least P85000 – a month! Then you should organize a Pensioner Visa. This will be valid for 1 year, annually, and it will be re-audited (fixed deposits/ or income). You will obtain more on the message request.

3) It is also possible to transmit all the paper work to a German company, who will execute this working for you.

4). You are working for an international company; this would be the best way to live at the Philippines! (Note: The search for a reputable employment agency that is specialized in finding this kind of job is like finding a needle in a haystack).

5) You can reduce your demands and work for a Philippine company, but regarding with the payment, you will feel by yourself that it’s like a 1 Euro jobber in Germany.

School teacher Sales manager Car mechanic
Manila € 2600 € 1400 € 1900
Hamburg € 27,400 € 14,700 € 16,300

Take note:

  • Work permits for foreigners are generally not issued but individually and only for certain professions and areas!
  • In contrary for emigrants, the tourism industry at the Philippines is prone for foreigners.
  • Please be cautious concerning agencies which like to offer or to arrange a well paid job at the Philippines and which require a prepayment. For personal advice and possible placement options (due to my own personal reputable sources), please contact me if requested.

Philippines Jobs – can be found at the following website:

The alternative would be to become independent in the Philippines. Here you can find further information about starting a business in the Philippines.

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