Philippines Safety – To whom is the Philippines dangerous?

Philippines Safety – The geographical situation exposes the Philippines to many different natural catastrophes. Tsunamis, earthquakes and typhoons are among the greatest threats to the people in the Philippines. Especially during the rainy season, there is heavy rainfall which causes flood and landslides. Tourists are advised to keep the weather closely monitored and to follow instructions given in the news.

Philippines Safety – Kidnapping makes the Philippines dangerous and has a negative impact on tourism.

Attacks by terrorist groupings are making the Philippines dangerous and may occur anywhere in the country. Abductions of tourists use to happen in Mindanao and in the Sulu Sea. An abduction risk can also not be excluded on other island groups. Warnings by the Foreign Office apply to many regions in the Philippines. On Mindanao, I was able to experience the current presence of terrorist groups first hand.

Philippines safety –  For backpackers, travelling alone in the Philippines recommend a certain precautions.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of general crime in the Philippines, including serious violent crimes. Frequently, tourists in various parts of the country become victims of raids. As is the common advice to travelers in developing countries, one should avoid to draw attention through public. Especially when driving by a taxi in Manila, the doors and windows should be kept closed at all times.

Anyone who comes to the Philippines to meet a Filipina should be careful when choosing the woman. Complicated relationships may bring an evil end to the foreigner. Filipino men are jealous with no control.

The Philippines is also considered as a regular platform of human trafficking – forced labour Philippines.

Young girls, often still minor, are lured by so-called “traffickers” in remote areas from poor families and made for forced labor abroad (mostly Muslim countries). The victims are helpless with their fate. They come from poor families and wanted to contribute to their family. Believed and deceived by taking the passport and then physically or sexually abusing her

However, the employers will not be penalized and need not be afraid of the judiciary. On the contrary, some domestic workers are even arrested or sentenced to lashings after being wrongly accused of their employers as theft, adultery or “witchcraft”.