The cost of living in Philippines.

In order to live in the Philippines, everyone should know about us, how much one is willing to spend. The claims for the cost of living are of course different in each of us.

Cost Of Living in Philippines depends on:

  • What kind of standard of living do you want to live in the Philippines?
  • the desired to live in ( province, island or in the city )

The cost of living in Philippines depend on your own lifestyle.

For example, I met people who got along even with just 250 € per month. Emigrants who want to live the German standard in the Philippines are thus certainly not do. In my estimation, can lead a luxurious life approximately € 1,000 or more a month. Everyone therefore should ask yourself: ” What am I willing to accept ? “

To get an idea, here is an overview of the ” typical ” monthly fixed costs for a person like me who is satisfied with a rather simple standard of living.

Description Peso
Rent from : (simple house) 45, – to 110 2500 – 6000
Current without Climax 9 – to 47 500 – 2500
Current with Climax 56 3000
Water ( DHW ) 1.80 100
Garbage: ( in Davao = free)
Drinking water 9 500
Telephone & DSL ( Globe or Blue ) 18 999
Food for one person 66 3500
Transport / transportation ( gasoline / jeepney / taxi) 11 600
Cable TV or Satellite TV 7.50 – 15 400 – 800
Total max. 380 18000

Stand : 03.24.2015

It is wrong to assume that you can automatically save a lot for the cost of living in Philippines. You will notice the different rate for cost of living in a  tourist areas. However, there are affordable options that you can plan for a stay in the Philippines,  even for  backpackers who wants to budget in advance. These depend on the cost of transportation, accommodation, tours and food, which will come to you while traveling through the Philippines.

Cost Of Living in Philippines – What are you willing to spend on your standard of living?

Although prices in the Philippines can fluctuate quite, you have to save as emigrants and travelers many options to make money. You can sometimes even stay for free and benefit when traveling with other backpackers from the comparatively low prices of the locals. Even with modest economic resources, you should expect at least a budget of 400 €. With this budget, however, you have to give up many advantages of a conventional tourist.

Also, you should ask yourself how you want to deny this livelihood. For more information, see Self Employed in the Philippines.