One way of marrying your Filipina girlfriend is “Marriage in Hong Kong”.

The proces is considered to be easy and can be accomplish in short period of time. One advantage of marriage in Hong Kong is that, there is no much requirement in both marrying parties.

Here you will find the important information concerning the procedure of marriage in Hong Kong:

The first step for marriage in Hong Kong, could be the mail to the Marriage Registration and Records Office.

(e.g.: “Estimated date or notice of the intended marriage”)

After notice of the intended marriage you will obtain two forms in order to complete the application.

For the receipt of a wedding date, additional requirements will come to you:

The fiancé:

  •      Copy of the international birth certificate (you get it at the registry office of the place of birth).
  •      The form “Notice of Intended Marriage” must be certified by a notary
  •      The form “Information Required for Registration of Marriage in Hong Kong” must be filled in.
  •     HK $ 305 bank check

The fiancée:

Copy of the PSA certificate of not married (CENOMAR)
Copy of the PSA Birth Certificate

For divorcees:

Copy of the original certificate of divorce
Certified translation of the certificate of divorce.

For your wedding you can choose between 2 wonderful locations:

City Hall Marriage Registry
1 / F, High Block,
City Hall, Central,
Hong Kong
(MTR Central Station – Exit K)


Cotton Tree Drive Registry Office
G / F, Rawlinson House
19 Cotton Tree Drive
Hong Kong
Tel: 2869-0500

In order to obtain finally a wedding date you have to send all documents to the following address:

(For a preliminary control, you should also send all documents to the above mentioned email address)

The Marriage Registration and Records Office
3 / F, Low Block
Queensway Government Offices
66 Queensway
Hong Kong

Please also consider the following aspects for a marriage in Hong Kong:

15 days before the wedding, the printed documents must be in Hong Kong.

If you will only come to Hong Kong in order to marry and to execute as soon as possible the administrative wedding process, I recommend you to visit the city on Wednesday. Given that you have to present your original documents 2 days before, the administrative process can be made on a Monday. The whole process should be possible within one week, if you will execute the registration at the Philippine Consulate directly on Wednesday, after the wedding.

2 witnesses are required. It is naturally possible to choose a family member but it is also possible to look in Hong Kong for a witness. A few days before the wedding, you will find a lot of Filipinos who are willing to help you – but do not forget, some expect a small spending money. If you will choose this way, you will find someone in the Hong Kong Park or at the ground floor in front of the Philippine Consulate.

The option to marry with a “civil celebrant” – it may take a few days until you get your certificate, if you have chosen this way.

Where do you get your apostil? What is an apostil?

Apostille Service Office, office
LG115, High Court Building
38 Queensway, Hong Kong

The “Hague apostil” is the confirmation of the authenticity of a document.
The apostil is a simplified form of legalization (diplomatic accreditation) of public documents for the international legal relations. It occurs in countries that have signed the Hague Legalization Convention, and replaced the otherwise required legalization and is the final certification of a certificate in the home country.

Place for registration of the marriage in Hong kong?

The marriage will be registered at the Philippine Consulate.

Consulate General of the Philippines
14 / F United Ctr
95 Queensway
Hong Kong
Phone: 2823-8500 / 2823-8501
In case of problems, please contact the German Consulate:
German Consulate General, 21 / F United Centre, 95 Queensway,

Admiralty, Central District, Hong Kong

For all people, who do not want to loose time in order to resettle with the future wife to Germany, it is recommended to agree a date for the “Family Visum”at the German Embassy in Manila. For the call it is recommended to have on hand all necessary documents – because this call could be very expensive. Please consider, this visa will not be issued before the future wife will not pass the A1 German test at the Goethe Institute in Manila. You also need your marriage certificate with pastille, the PSA certificate (not married), a “registration certificate” and the identity cards of both partners.

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