Marriage abroad – recognition in Germany – Hong Kong marriage

First of all, I would like to introduce you the process of Hong Kong marriage – from the beginning to the end. At first, it seems complicated and strange to go detour of a marriage across Hong Kong. Well, I thought that too. This is due to the obstacles of marriage in the Philippines or in Germany. My personal motive for getting married in Hong Kong was the marriage requirements of German authorities, which made the issue of a marriage visa unnecessarily difficult.

Why should a Hong Kong marriage be better?

The recognition in Germany is definitely advantage. Read more about the advantages about the marriage in hong kong. After issuing the certificate of marriage in Hong Kong, this can be certified by a so-called apostille. You can do the apostille in High Court Hong Kong. This makes the visa of family reunion for Germany recognized automatically. Only the certificate of A1-German is required to be past. The A1 test is conducted by Goethe Institute in Manila.

In our case, we sent an inquiry via email to the Marriage Registration and Records Office in Hong Kong (eg: announcement of our intended marriage). This is our first step for Hong Kong marriage.

After the announcement, the Marriage Registration and Records Office in Hong Kong  sent us a form sheets to complete the application.

  • The “Notice of Intended Marriage” form must be completed and notarized.
  • The form “Information Required for Registration of Marriage in Hong Kong” must be completed.

In addition, the following are the requirements for Hong Kong marriage:

The fiancé:

  • Copy of the International Birth Certificate (to be obtained from the place of birth).
  • 305 HK $ as a bank check

The fiancée:

  • Copy of the CENOMAR PSA (former as NSO) certificate – not married
  • Copy of the PSA (former as NSO) birth certificate

For divorced:

  • Copy of Divorce Certificate Original (in German)
  • Translation Divorce decree