In this chapter, I will inform you about all important steps for a marriage, for a visa and for further important admission opportunities.
Please consider carefully, if you like to marry a Filipina. It seems to be simple, but many things should be considered. Unfortunately, many marriages will fail in advance due to unknown facts. Do never forget, that often both sides may have different motives to marry.
For a German man (foreigner) outweighs mostly to the charm of an exotic Asian woman so much that many factors, such as the cultural background, will be over sighted. A Filipina it is a common way, to look for a man who will be able to support financially her and her family. A love match, the necessary respect for the partner included, would be naturally perfect.
The planning and realization of a marriage with a Filipina is connected with some effort. I’ve made for you a list which is considering all common variants and all documents.