Health insurance Philippines – The protection of your stay in the Philippines

In contrast to Germany, many countries possess a very expensive health care system. In many countries visitors are advised against accidents, sudden illnesses or diagnosed during a stay abroad, particularly at the Philippines. Under certain circumstances, these may result for a financial burden for many years.  For this reason it is necessary to conclude an international health insurance. Most of the emigrants planning their stay as cheap as possible. It often happens that there’s no health insurance or conclude a wrong travel health insurance. You have to pay attention to some points here, so that you have claim to the insurance Philippines in case of illness.

Check your statutory health insurance for the rate of foreign-life insurance in the Philippines.

Here, you have to consider a few important points e. g. your rights against the insurance company. Most travel medical insurances are often completed for an entire year, but they still only cover short-term stays abroad up to 6 weeks. If then something happen (which of course we never hope), it is possible that the insurance does not pay in a bad situation. As consequence, it will be very expensive for you. The cheapest will be, for example, the duration limit of five years. For these prices you must have an existing residence in Germany (i.e., do not unsubscribe yourself if you emigrate). Get introduced for available rates advise to your statutory health insurance.

Here, some insurance companies are listed, please compare their services in connection to your demands:

Health Insurance Philippines Comparison:

Hanse Merkur, Germany – Private health insurance Philippines:

  • Two different rates (age 18-64 years)
  • Collective one: for up to 365 days; monthly fee: 33, 00 €
  • Two tariff: for up to 5 years; -year contract: € 59.00 per month.

DKV, Germany – Private health insurance Philippines:

Two different rates ( ages 35 – 49 years)
Collective one: for up to 12 months
Two tariff : for 12 – 36 month
Costs for Men : 35,00 € / month
Costs for women : 70,00 € / month
Prerequisite : Residence in Germany

After this period, you can usually extend the insurance but there are exceptions, where you can not extend the insurance or you have to pay a higher contribution. This can be in the cases, of chronically illness or operations in advance etc.

Allianz Worldwide Care – health insurance Philippines:
International health insurance
Not limited
Higher costs as DKV or ADAC
Respect for age over 70 hardly cashable prices

health insurance Philippines –
For trips up to 365 days
The price up to age 69 is very low
Ideal for winter visitors who are temporarily in Germany

health insurance Philippines – English BUPA:
Insurance up to the age of 3, extension always possible
Worldwide, except USA
Hospital costs are reimbursed