Marriage in Germany is one of other way to marry your Filipina girlfriend.

There are several ways to marry your Filipina girlfriend and for this choice, the so-called “marriage visa / Marriage visas” is necessary.


Here are information for the  easiest way  of Marriage in Germany:

Study 1) Leaflet of the German Embassy and information about all required documents:…schl_mrz_12.pdf…_formulare.html…unden_Feb13.pdf

…in most cases a certificate examination will be made.

2) Visit the competent registry office and n order to obtain a list on which all necessary documents are registered. Now, you will have an overview concerning all necessary papers.

For the marraige in Germany, it is necessary to organize how the fiancée will complete the A1 German Course. The course must not be made at the application delivery. It is sufficient to present the certificate immediately before issuing the visas.

The German marriage certificate, you also get at the registry office (this should let you exhibit only once).

Then you have to arrange a list of documents which will be needed from you and from your fiancé.

Please follow exactly the guideline of the German Embassy in order to bring and to obtain all necessary documents. It is recommended to make a copy of each leaflet. In addition, the fiancée should make an additional own affidavit concerning her marital status. This could be later important for the OLG and is not necessary for the embassy.

In addition, she should have an English version (except she is speaking German) of the authorization for registration of a marriage and for the application of exoneration of the delivery of a certificate of impediment. This form can be obtained by the Registry Office.

Inform you in advance at the Aliens department and at your Registry Office concerning the chance of a administration office check (the famous document control). If this will be demanded, your fiancée will have the possibility to apply the control during the delivery of the visa application. Note: a short message and an appropriate fee will be demanded.

During the delivery of the visa application at the Embassy, it is important your fiancée will obtain a notarized copy of her passport.

The embassy will receive a set of documents; the second set is for you (the certificated copy of the passport, its affirmation and the authorization).

If the documents must be controlled, you have to wait.

Marriage in Germany – If you like to try it without a certificate control, you have to follow the following procedure:

After the ALB has received the decision from the entrance of the visa application, you can go wit the original documents to the Registry Office. Here, everything necessary will be discussed.

Normally it is possible to make directly an application concerning the exoneration of the certificate of no impediment, because you already have delivered all necessary original documents. The Registry Office will transmit this application to the appropriate OLG.

If everything will be ok, you will obtain a positive message from the OLG, you will get this information by the Registry Office. If the ALB will give the allowance to entry, your fiancée can pick up her visa as soon as possible.

During the waiting time, she has already a CFO seminar and now she will pick up her stickers for her passport. After, the flight tickets can be bought and the journey can begin.

This is of course no general recommendation, because each case can be different. But for me, with my knowledge, it seems to be the best possible way.

Short summary of the chronology concerning the marriage in Germany:

1) To give a request with all documents at the embassy and to demand a document control at the same time.

2) To be in contact with the ABH, to get the information about the end of time of the document control. Duration approx. 4 months

3) To pick up the certificates at the ABH and to make a translation

Duration approx. 2 weeks

4) Go with these documents to the StA to apply for adduction of the EFZ.

5) Certificate of StA, that exemption had been submitted;

6) To go to the ABH in order to obtain the agreement for the visa, duration approx. 2 weeks.

shall be granted approval for visa with this certificate for ABH

Duration about 2 weeks

7) The fiancée gets a message to send the passport to the Embassy (by courier).

8) The embassy will send back the passport with visa to the fiancée (Duration approx. 3 weeks).

Waiting times can be up to 5 – 6 months (stated optimistically).

My tips:

The bride should apply for the visa during the authentication process, which will be initiated by the registry office.

If this will be applied after the acceptance of the Aliens Department, there may be a considerable loss of time (make an appointment etc).

Concerning the commitment:

This is different from ABH to ABH; in Cologne e. g. it is not necessary for a fiancé Visa. According the Aliens Department, the fiancée will have the opportunity to make the date to apply for the visa after the confirmation of the documents from the Aliens Department by the Embassy. In Germany it is important to keep copies of the documents in the hands, which have been sent to the German Embassy in Manila.

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