Things that you need to know about Filipina.

Often foreign people think negative concerning Filipina women. This happened especially if younger Filipina want to get married due to money, to support their family and to have a comfortable, carefree and abundant life. It seems to be that this kind of life is very insulting and heartless. But you also need to consider that  most of all Filipina have their own story about their life and living.

Filipina women are tough, they work hard for their family and they would do everything for their friends and family. They got many problems, yet they still smile and laugh each day. They are very soft-hearted and love with all consequences.

To learn and get to know a Filipina women.

Well, maybe some of you know some information about Filipinas, but there is some more information you need to know. Let me enumerate and start again with this;

  • Filipinas are romantic.
  • They love surprises, but they also love to surprise their husband, family and friends.
  • They want to walk hand in hand additionally, they want to be hugged, kissed, and cuddled all the time (not really very ALL the time).
  • If they are mad to someone they love, they will not directly say it, but they will find better words to express it, and avoid that it would hurt even more.

Filipinas value to be respected. So, if you like to be respected, respect them. They also respect their family, most of all, their mom and dad. If you want to be part of the family, then you should call her parents ‘Mama’ or ‘Papa’ and her grandparents ‘Lolo’ or ‘Lola’. They are religious as well, but it does not mean that they expect it from you. They only expect that you respect their religion.

Oh, and did I mention that they love to food? They love to eat. Every Filipina love to cook, especially for her family. So if ever you live in a Filipina’s house, your fast food consumption will be reduced. Filipinas love to eat what they cook and share it to everyone. Naturally, there will be some Filipinas, who are not able to cook very well, please be honest and tell it. I promise you, everything a Filipina is doing, she is doing her best and you will love it.

Filipina women mentality -it is important to accept the Filipina women with your cultur.

For Europeans, it is basically not a big deal to get to know a woman at the Philippines. There are of course places and areas where it goes faster under certain circumstances. The reason should be clear. For them, every European is practically “a rich man” and at the same time the key to a better life. Most Filipina women are coming from unimaginable circumstances – unbelievable for German people. However, it is not impossible that a Filipina will fall in love in one of us, but just be careful and make sure, that this woman is not only looking to your money.