Filipina Visa – The alternatives for visiting Germany

Here is a brief overview for the different types of visa and possibilities of visiting Germany.

Tourist Visa (= “Schengen visa”): max. 3 months continuously and a maximum of 6 months a year, there is no legal right to grant the visa. Sometimes it will work, sometime it will not.

The allocation politics seems to be rather arbitrary.

It will be perhaps a good alternative in order to test the relationship in a new country and to check whether the partner will be happy to live in Germany.

Student visa: This will be issued for the common duration of study of the appropriate field. Be careful: It requires a high language skills and sometimes it will work, if English will be chosen as a field of study.

Work visa: Good chance is if your girlfriend is a nurse or if she’s qualified for any work available in Germany. Otherwise, this option can be cancelled.

The problem with the Schengen visa in visiting Germany.

There are some aspects that Schengen/ tourist visa is likely a big problem for a Filipino citizen. This is usually happened when one has lack of will to return in the country. Many Germans have already failed for their Filipina girlfriend at this hurdle, this seems like pure capricious.

But there are some tips that are not in the official documents, which should be respected at the invitation of the Filipino friend:

  • It is recommended not to apply for the full 3 months vacation.
  • For the visit, you should refer to a specific occasion (eg wedding, baptism of a relative, fair).
  • The eye eats! For the appointment at the Embassy, you should pay attention to dress appropriately. It should avoid: High heels, mini skirt, piercings and tattoos, dazzling gold chains, eye-catching make-up & hair style.
  • Even at the first impression, all documents should be neatly arranged and ready to go. There should be no documents in between which suggest the upcoming marriages.
  • The most important point is the reaffirmation of the return to the Philippines. Reasons are: house or land ownership, a job, a business of its own or a previous Schengen visa and then returned on time.
  • most of all, you should prepare yourself and the Filipina accordingly for the interview of the embassy. False statements lead to a devil’s circle and mean, in most cases, a rejection of the application.