Cotton-Tree-Marriage-in-Hong-KongDear Philippine Friends,

Admittedly, the last few months our Philippine blog had gone a little quiet, but that was not because we went on holiday or similar. In fact we had been working really hard and are very proud to present to
you our new service:

Many of you know, trying to get married for Reylita and I was everything but easy. It was like an obstacle race, where it seems that everyone is working against you – although I believe that in todays
day and age it shouldn’t be so difficult for a couple of different nationalities to get married and live together.

Especially since today, thanks to online dating sites, messengers and social media, it is easier than ever before to get to know someone from a different country and origin. Besides the Internet, it can also easily happen that you fall in love on a holiday abroad. But what happens when you this newly found love decides to take the next step? – It gets complicated

Our Problems – your advantage!

Did you ever try to marry a filipina or filipino? A while back when we started telling you about our problems to get married, we received a lot of positive feedback. First and foremost from people who unfortunately had to experience similar problems. It would have not made a difference whether we would have tried to get married in the Philippines or via a marriage Visa in Germany – both paths are extremely complicated, lengthy and have you almost give up as you see no light at the end of the tunnel.

After a lot of thought and research, we finally decided to get married in Hong Kong. As you can guess we didn’t just because Hong Kong is a beautiful city and a nice holiday destination. We did it because, there,you are able to get it done relatively quickly – within one week if you plan it correctly. And thanks to the international acceptance of marriage certificates that have been issued in Hong Kong, the Visa process thereafter was approved very quickly too. From our own problem to our business:

Whilst getting married, we kept reporting all the details in our blog and kept answering our reader’s questions. There was so much feedback and so many questions that this is when our service was
born: a wedding agency with the focus on Hong Kong marriages. We want to help not just couples from the Philippines, but from all across the world.

During our testing phase, we already had helped a few couples successfully get married in Hong Kong and whilst doing so were able to evaluate and improve the whole experience, so it becomes as easy
as possible for our clients. Then shortly after, we were proud to finally start our service, not just to couples from the Philippines, but from all across the world.

Our service explained in detail

Our clients, no matter if they are digital nomads or happy couples from all across the globe – everyone only gets the best personalized service possible. We want our clients to feel taken care of and be
worry free, so you can leave the details to us and concentrate on your big day – knowing everything will go as planned. Just how we hoped it would have been for us, but unfortunately we had no one neither
helping nor guiding us.

We are with you from the beginning, organize every appointment for you and are here to answer any questions you may have – who better than us, who have done it themselves, to have by your side.

Why should we get married in Hong Kong?

The marriage in Hong Kong is easier than in any other country in this world! All you need is:

– Passports
– Birth certificates
– Proof you are not married already
– An appointment at the marriage office

Once you made an appointment at the marriage office, we can arrange the wedding within one week in Hong Kong. We of course also can arrange the appointment for you. The ceremonies either take place at the City Hall Registry, or at the Cotton Tree Drive. Both locations are fantastic; click here to read about them:

But be careful, even though getting married in Hong Kong is relatively easy, there are lots of things that can go wrong and render the whole time and money you spent worthless – like a simple spelling mistake on a form. You have us at your side so that this doesn’t happen. In our extensive service packages, you will find everything you need:




If you have any questions at all, we are here for you. Call us whenever you want for a free consultation, or visit: – for more information!

Kindest wishes,
Reylita and Stephan