Even though there was love at the beginning, there are many reasons why spouses no longer understand each other and see separation as the only way out. But in the Philippines, a divorce is not legally possible. So what to do in order to start a new life? Many couples choose spatial separation and continue their life with a new partner, even if they are still legally married.

Another option is to have the existing marriage annulled. For example, due to different facts that were not apparent to one of the partners at the time of the marriage, a declaration of annulment can be given. If a marriage is declared invalid, it means that the marriage was not legal from the start and therefore did not exist.


Reasons for annulment

A marriage can only be annuled under certain conditions. This fact must be proven when applying for an annulment.

  • A spouse concealed key aspects that impact marriage life at the time of marriage. For example, that he is unable to engage in sexual intercourse, has an incurable disease, or marries only for the purpose of inheritance. Even the silence about dependence on intoxicants (drugs or alcohol) can result in an annulment being successful. If the woman was already pregnant by another man, the husband can also request an annulment in this case.
  • When a partner is so mentally impaired that he does not understand what it means to marry and cannot bear the duties and responsibilities associated with it.
  • If the marriage was forced upon either spouse.


The marriage can also be declared invalid if it has been unlawfully concluded. This is e.g. B. the case if:

  • A spouse was not of legal age at the time of the marriage and there was no parental consent.
  • There is a direct relationship between the spouses (brother and sister).
  • The marriage was not concluded by an authorized person.
  • One of the spouses is already married.
  • One of the partners is not allowed to marry, for example due to celibacy.


Annulment – expensive and lengthy

It is not easy to have a marriage annulled in the Philippines. Even if there are serious reasons for the dissolution of the marriage and an annulment is at least legally possible, the way there is long and expensive.

An annulment of a Filipino marriage can only be filed in the court of the applicant’s place of residence. The applicant must be registered at this location for at least 6 months at the time of submission.

For the annulment, costs must be expected from around 4,500 euros or more. However, these are highly dependent on the duration of the entire procedure, the costs for the lawyer and the necessary certificates and expert evaluations/opinions. Generally speaking, the longer the legal proceedings, the more expensive the annulment will be.


Annulment of a marriage in the Philippines – patience is required

The length of the legal process depends on many factors. For example what reason was given when submitting the annulment and whether special reports are necessary to secure evidence. The procedure may also be delayed due to illness or other obstacles.

An exact statement about the duration of the procedure cannot be made, but it should be assumed that it will take at least 6 months, mostly closer to 1.5 years. In individual cases, court hearings can take up to 6 years.

The prospect of hiring a competent and trustworthy lawyer is like the famous search for a needle in a haystack.

Since the entire process is very expensive, the financial interests of all people involved are the main focus.

In the past, it was upsetting for us to see how the annulment dragged on for many years and, on top of that, it cost a lot of money.

When asked for a recommendation, we found it very difficult to name a suitable lawyer. However, later we found out about a special annulment service that is intended to help those affected, in order to manage the annulment process in quick, easy and cost effective manner. We were able to convince ourselves of that!


Phil- Annulment can ensure a quick and inexpensive process to get the divorce done as quickly as possible in the Philippines. Through close cooperation with special lawyers, the necessary transparency and feeling of trust can be conveyed to the customer. The special thing about this annulment is that the price for the annulment service is already included in the attorney’s costs. That means nothing is charged extra!


Phil-Annulment organizes the application process and ensures that the annulment process runs smoothly throughout. The following services can be expected:

  • Guarantee for a quick and inexpensive annulment
  • Comprehensive knowledge for a smooth process
  • Checking of all the documents for correctness
  • Correspondence with the responsible authorities
  • Scheduling with lawyer and court
  • Constant exchange and advice


Those wishing to learn more about Phil-Annulment, including quick solutions for complex annulments, can find out more on the website.