Poverty in the Philippines – Child labour in the Philippines.

Those who have looked more closely at my website will surely have been given the fact that there are also negatives side in the Philippines. My experience forced me to do something. The city of Davao alone has the population of 1.4 million people. The bitter poverty in the Philippines forces many of the children to live on the street. Violence, heavy work, begging, stealing are the everyday life of street children in the Philippines.

Poverty in the Philippines – The history of child labour in the Philippines.

Without parents, without family, far from safety and security, they must survive on the road. The girls are particularly vulnerable to violence and abuse. A large number of children in the Philippines have to work for little or no money in foreign households. Others, on the other hand, fall too often into the hands of pimps and traffickers who use the children in the worst way. There are no age limits for child labor in the Philippines.

Poverty in the Philippines – Child labor in the Philippines is prohibited by law. However, more than 2 million children are suffering from poverty.

Because many of them have AIDS, the children are scolded as an annoying plague. They are despised, disturbed the world picture and therefore often end up in prison or suffer death in the worst case. The children are caught in a cycle, which they can only escape with difficulty. And when street children become pregnant, their children grow up without their homes. Her life looks hopeless in her eyes and I want to change that! Many children in the Philippines can be found on the garbage dumps or in the Manila slums.

According to my model Harriet Bruce-Annan, I would like to save 5,000 € to build a small school “Philippine Angel” in Davao. Children need education and without education the children have hardly any prospects. It is also my wish to integrate sports projects from time to time. By being together with other children, they can experience and process successes and failures together. The main task, however, is to open up new perspectives for street children through education. Only with education can they escape the vicious circle. My goal is therefore to enable the children to attend school.