Manila is a city with a plenty of shades and some bright spots!

At your first arrival you will be a little shocked due to the countless security checks. It feels like in prison and it continues until the exit of the airport. Manila is located in Luzon and also known as the capital city of the Philippines.

“Well you have arrived in the jungle of Manila!”

Unfortunately it must be said, that the taxi drivers will stare to you. Be careful with whom you will drive. My tips for situations like this: “Taxi advice”

If Manila will be your destination, please be benevolent and be careful. This city is large and contains many dangers. Even in the shopping malls of supposedly better areas, you will always see security staff it solid firearms. The relatively high rate of crime can be explained by the many unemployed people and the by the every day survival in many areas of Manila.

Mandaluyong – Manila

You can say, Mandaluyong is a smaller version of Makati, which is also located adjacent to Makati. This district of Manila is still under construction and there will be much more to expect 9476432200_a580be0491_bin the coming years. The financial district is located in place (also called bench-drive ‘), which is also marked by impressive buildings. Again, it is relatively safe.

Mandaluyong City, is also known as the Tiger City because of the well established business and economy. It is the place where a lot of shopping malls, high office buildings, condominiums and hotels are located. One of the largest television networks, TV5 is also located in this area. A lot of bank establishments are also located in this area.

As it is a home for shopping, you will find here lot of shopping malls which are located in the Ortigas Business district, e. g. SM Megamall, Forum Robinson, Shangri La Plaza Mall, St. Francis Square Mall and Star Mall.

In this area, also hospitals can be found here (Unciano General Hospital, Potenciano Medical Center and Government hospital of Mandaluyong City Medical Center). The Philippines prime psychiatric health institution is also located in this area, it is known as the National Center for Mental health.

Las Pinas – Manila

The first time, I spend my time in Las Pinas, one of the districts in Manila. The family host where I stayed is located at the so called middle class area – but nevertheless, I never went out alone at this place.

As a German / European, who was accustomed the good prosperity of Germany, I got the first culture shock at the moment I saw the narrow streets, the permanent traffic jam, heard the noise, saw the unacceptable housing conditions and especially as I saw the children. Children are playing directly along the side of the road; many people are living together in the tightest space. I can only recommend handling this situation with strong nerves.

Queson city – Manila

Myself, I have never visited Quezon City, but I got the advice from my Filipino host family to Quezon_City_Montageavoid the visit of this place. Crimes, poverty etc are the common incidents of this location. Quezon City is known to be a dangerous place for foreigners, but it’s not so bad you think.

There are also living some foreigners at the area of Quezon City. Excellent hospitals are also located in Quezon City, e. g. the Heart Center, Kidney Center and Lung Center. Quezon City also located the branch of St. Luke. There are also shopping malls in Quezon City, the Land Mark, SM North, Gate way and SM Cubao. If you also want to visit a restaurant or a bar at Qezon City, you should visit the area of Timong.

Pasay city – Manila

Pasay City is known for business, restaurants, clubs and coffee shops which are located at the Roxas Boulevard.The (NAIA) Ninoy Aquino International Airport is also located in this area.Here you will additionally find the location of the “Mall of Asia”. It is the largest shopping mall with lot of restaurants, fun ride for kids and a little extreme ride for adults. Ferris wheel is one of the highlight of these rides where family and lovers can relax while watching the sunset from the ocean.

It is a “Must” to visit the “Mall of Asia” if you stay in Manila (Passay) – it is the biggest shopping mall of Asia.

Makati – Manila

Now, we are coming to the few bright spots of Manila. The best and most beautiful part you Manila philippinescan find in Manila is Makati City (my opinion). The breathtaking skyline and the many skyscrapers are the symbol of Makati.

“Wow… finally a real city!” These were first thoughts as I got out of the taxi for the first time.

The exceptionally clean streets, manicured lawns, gardens and many shopping possibilities makes Makati to a real experience. In any case, you should not miss to visit the Gloreta Mall and the nearby cafes, bars and restaurants. Makati is an absolute safe place.