Cebu is know as the country’s oldest city.

It is the first Spanish settlement, and the first capital of the Philippines.

Atlast, big bright spot! The first thing you will see at your arrival is the civilized airport. You need approx. 30 minutes in order to be at the City of Cebu. We never paid more than 200 pesos for the route.

Cebu offers many islands, beaches, hotel and resorts, diving locations and heritage sites.

It is a high domestic place and foreign arrivals have fueled the city’s tourism industry. Due to its geographic location, this place is accessible by air, land and sea transportation. It became the tourist gateway to Central and Southern Philippines

The city has much to offer, but also partly expensive. Resorts such as Marina Bay Resort for € 15,000 pesos for one night. If you want to save money, you can also take a simple hotel and then drive to the resort during the day. You can swim from 8 am until 17 afternoon and take breakfast, lunch and dinner – consider that you have to pay approx. 1.500 pesos per day. Cebu is primarily known for its suckling pig “lechon”.  Travellers should eat this dish.

Additionally, there are beautiful beaches at Cebu – but they are unfortunately often belonging to the resorts. My tip: In order to see the most beautiful beaches, visit one of the many adjacent islands (e.g., Bohol).

Cebu offers many shopping opportunities and is particularly a popular place for tourists. In addition, Cebu is one of the few cities at the Philippines, which is considered to be “safe” and “clean”. Even the taxi driver took me a very serious impression, so I did not feel that they had been led around by the nose.

No wonder that Cebu ranked as the sixth best island in the world 2016

The New York-based magazine Travel+Leisure named Cebu as the sixth best island in the world. Infact, Boracay was ranked second while Pawalan was in placed numer one. It is an annual survey conducted by Travel+Leisure, readers were asked to rate destinations all over the world according to their activi-ties, sights, natural attractions, beaches, food, friendliness and overall value.