Singing karaoke in the Philippines.

In almost Filipino household, you will find some microphones next to the TV. Singing karaoke belongs to the culture of Filipinos. Filipinos are talented and pationated singers and this passion are often live, very loud and full of emotions. One who like to sing karaoke will include Philippines quickly in their heart.

Filipinos love to sing! Singing is a major component of any celebration or events in the Filipinos life.Especially in the province, you will often encounter people singing karaoke in karenderya or public places. Karaoke machine is almost everywhere in the place of Philippines.

  • You just have to incert a 5 peso coin in a karaoke machine, select a song and the party can begin.

Singing karaoke brings joy in every Filipino.

For Filipino’s, it is a big part of their life. One of the first two things I learned about Filipinos, it is the love (other than family of course)for food and karaoke! Some people will rent a karaoke machine in order to sing during party, other people are using their own CD-player to sing the song they want. Independent of their hard life, singing means fun and brings the smile on the face of the Filipinos.

Singing in general is a very large part of Filipino entertainment.

When you go to the Philippines, you would notice that everyone sing. They wouldn’t care whether they are good or not. When it comes to singing karaoke, the Filipinos will be happy that you’re taking part at all.

Similar to Western talent programmes like The X Factor, Filipino’s have their own versions. Some shows they have include The Singing Bee, which is a singing karaoke and spelling game competition, and of course what country doesn’t have their own version of the The Voice? The Philippines are not an exception.

*Karenderya: small store where food is served