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Marriage and visa for a Filipina

In this chapter, I will inform you about all important steps for a marriage, for a visa and for further important admission opportunities. Marriage...
philippines poverty, poverty in the philippines

Child labour – Poverty in the Philippines

Poverty in the Philippines - Child labour in the Philippines. Those who have looked more closely at my website will surely have been given the fact...
singing karaoke

Singing like a Filipino

Singing karaoke in the Philippines. In almost Filipino household, you will find some microphones next to the TV. Singing karaoke belongs to the culture of...
Philippines Religion


Philippines Religion - At the Philippines are living the most Christians in the Asian region. Since the beginning of the 20th century, there is already...
visiting Germany

Opportunities in visiting Germany

Filipina Visa - The alternatives for visiting Germany Here is a brief overview for the different types of visa and possibilities of visiting Germany. Tourist...
getting married in the Philippines

Marriage in the Philippines

Other Filipina who's getting married in the Philippines For getting married in the Philippines, you need some important documents (listed below) in order to demand a...
Marriage in Hong Kong

Marriage in hongkong

One way of marrying your Filipina girlfriend is "Marriage in Hong Kong". The proces is considered to be easy and can be accomplish in short...
Marriage in Germany

Marriage in germany

Marriage in Germany is one of other way to marry your Filipina girlfriend. There are several ways to marry your Filipina girlfriend and for this...
goethe institut a1

Goethe Institut Manila

Goethe Institut Manila - is a school where to learn German Language. People from the Philippines who get married into a German, needs to learn German...
Filipino values

Filippin values

The filipno values are distributed over all the islands. The Philippines is a country with more than 7,000 islands, and the search for the Filipino...

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