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Yearly Archives: 2020

getting married in the Philippines

Marriage in the Philippines

Other Filipina who's getting married in the Philippines For getting married in the Philippines, you need some important documents (listed below) in order to demand a...
Marriage in Germany

Marriage in germany

Marriage in Germany is one of other way to marry your Filipina girlfriend. There are several ways to marry your Filipina girlfriend and for this...
dating site Philippines

Online dating

Online dating, dating site and contact exchange in the Philippines Internet plays a big role in the social lives now days. Site such as Facebook,...

Filipina women

Things that you need to know about Filipina. Often foreign people think negative concerning Filipina women. This happened especially if younger Filipina want to get...
retiring in the Philippines

Retiring in the Philippines

Emigrating and retiring in the Philippines - Living abroad as a pensioner Immigrating as a senior citizen to an exotic country is a wonderful vision....
Philippines Photos, Philippines picture

Philippines Photos

Come with us on a discovery trip - Philippines Photos Are you interested in emigrating to the Philippines and need a first impression? Then here is...
moving to the philippines

Moving to the philippines

Relocation abroad - Moving to the Philippines You decided to immigrate to the Philippines, Now, you do not exactly know, what kind of things should be...
Blog Philippines, Philippines

Blog Philippines

Welcome to my Blog Philippines Blog Philippines - Hello, I'm glad you found the way to my blog Philippines and would like to welcome you here. My...

Filipin kitchen

Filipino food, Filipino dishes, Filipino cuisine and Filipino recipe at a glance Find the most popular Philippine dishes, even for "watching" and "reading". Adobo This is one...