Puerto Galera is a soothing vision of shimmering seas surrounded by lush mountains.

It is considered as one of the most beautiful and developed beach resort community in the country. Puerto Galera is just located at the South of Manila. This place is infamous because of its gorgeous beaches, wide diversity of marine life and diving spots. Famous white beaches can also be found in Puerto Galera.

The water of Puerto Galera is certainly the main attraction of the island. It is Crystal clear and shimmering especially during the hot summer months. The sea framing Puerto Galera is ideal for swimming, sailing, surfing, snorkeling and scuba diving. In fact, one doesn’t have to go by boat to get to a diving site. Just within a kilometer from the coast, schools of Moorish idols, trumpet fish, frog fish, lion fish and leaf fish weave in and out of thriving corals and sea anemones, while species of starfish – from the speckled red-and-white to the neon-blue Pacific – rest on the sandy floor.

Here are some place you can visit while in vacation in Puerto Galera.

Sabang Beach

It is the most popular beach in Puerto Galera. It offers some of the most striking corals and underwater life forms you will ever see while diving. In the evening, you can dance and sing along in the numerous karaoke bars. There are plenty of bars, disco and clubs for night life, ideal for party nights.Puerto Galera Philippines

Tamara Falls

It is consists of several small waterfalls, they all come together at the bottom, forming one of the most refreshing areas you can bathe in, providing a revitalizing experience. This fall is located just near San Teodoro.

Island Hopping

It is also highly recommended for getting a better view of the surrounding. In Boquete Island, a beach called Haligi is located. You can go there for scuba diving, or relax in the fine white sand. From this island it’s only a short distance to San Antonio Island, which features some of the most awe-inspiring coral reefs on the planet and is also known for the long beach.

Scuba Diving

Puerto Galera was originally a fishing community. Then in the 1980s, the Philippines Government discovered just how many species of fish and corals there are here and declared the entire area a Marine Reserve. Once a thriving fishing village, Puerto Galera soon became the premier scuba diving destination in the Philippines. It is consider as one of the best diving place in the Philippines and in Asia.