Come with us on a discovery trip – Philippines Photos

Are you interested in emigrating to the Philippines and need a first impression?

Then here is the right place for you. Meet-the-Philippines provides you a practical travel tips and exciting reports of emigration to the Philippines. But we are also focus on the topic “Philippines Photos “. With my camera as a constant companion, we will go on tour together to inspire you with new impressions of the Philippines.

Do you love the Philippines? then let our photos enchant you.

In my blog, I can write a lot when the tag is long. The most beautiful way to capture your precious memories is through the visual form of a simple photo. Already during my first trips as a backpacker, I was always looking to capture the beautiful sides of the Philippines with my pictures.

Our goal is to find the different faces of the Philippines, to capture them and to publish them in our blog – Philippines Photos. That is why we want to give the everyday life in the Philippines a special perception. The combination of typical circumstances, extraordinary light and a rich perspective creates the best way to dive into a new world. With this area of photography I would like to inspire you for your future travel to the Philippines.

We also present some more photos:

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