Just a quick ferry journey from Cebu and you will arrive in the island of Bohol.

Most people think that Philippines is just about paradisiac beaches, but actually is much, much more. Bohol is the perfect example I can give. The island holds stunning white sand beaches, lush green forests, symmetric hills and an incredible underwater life. It also promoted the image of cute bug-eyed tarsiers and the majestic Chocolate Hills.

Bottom line: This Island of the Philippines will enchant you!

Tourist spot that you shouldn’t missed.

Chocolate Hills is one of the top tourist spot of Bohol. They were formed centuries ago by tidal movements, the hills are considered as a National Geologic Movement. The dome-shaped hills and same-sized formations range from 98 to 164 feet high and are covered in green grass. Chocolate hills changes its color by season. The grass turns brown in dry season, which makes the name Chocolate Hills.

The Philippine Tarsiers are also popular to visit in Bohol. They are known to be the


smallest primates in the world and are considered to be the mammal with the biggest eyes. Tarsier measured as less than a human hand (85 to 160 millimeters). They are really shy animals with nocturnal habits, and spending most of the day sleeping in hidden places. Please take note that taking pictures with camera flash are not allowed because these lovely tarsiers ceature are easily get stressed.

Alona beach in Panglao Island is also most famous place in Bohol. The majority of the tourists stay there. Panglao is connected to Bohol main island by a bridge. White sand, crystal clear water, giant starfishes and a breathtaking sunset.

From Alona you can take a boat to Balicasag and the Virgin Island. The hoping island trip is a must or you missed the lots of fun.