The tropical island of Boracay

Boracay belongs to the group of islands of Visayas Philippines and is about one hour away from the Capital City Manila by plane. The island may be small, but it is huge in its offering variety of activities. Tourist can swim in the pristine blue water and stroll along the sugary white sanded beach. You may also enjoy the night life, making choices on restaurants featuring multi-ethnic foods. It feels so relaxing in the wonderment of the island and the amazing scenery viewed from the affordable five-star hotels.

Why visit the Boracay Island?

Simply because, Boracay is really captivating. It offers white sandy beaches, crystal clear turquoise sea, and wide range of water sports for wind- and kite surfers, divers, snorkelers, and sailors. The four-kilometers white beach on the west side of the island was not chosen without reason to be the most beautiful beach in the world by Yahoo Travel. The tourist center of the island are hotels, restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops string together on the beach promenade.

On the eastern side, is the second longest beach of the island, the Bulabong BoracayBeach. At the same time, it is one of Asia’s nicest kite surfing spots. The wind is in good condition for ideal saling. Especially for beginners, the extended coral reef on the outer side of the lagoon provides an appropriate protection from too high waves.

A further highlight of Boracay is the so-called “sunset-season”. In October and November, tourist attracts the picture of sunsets, which can be enjoyable to watch in the numerous beach restaurants and from the sailing boats.

My personal conclusion:

In main season, Boracay may be really overcrowded. Vacation is supposed to be relaxing and not stressing. You can visit the island in the off months for more enjoyable moments.