Whatever Pattaya is for Thailand, the same is Angeles City in the Philippines

Travelers, who don’t just come because of the sights, can combine the fun and vacation in the Angeles city Philippines. Single men can enjoy the nightlife with the facilities such as discos, live-music bars, and restaurants to the fullest. It has the reputation as the entertainment capital city of the Philippines. The main tourist area extends along the Fields Avenue, A. Santos Street across the Perimeter Road. The place Angeles city surely leave a lasting impression, and it is also considered as the paradise for men. There’s a broad spectrum of restaurants, fast food & cook shops, and international cuisine as well as Asian cuisine. Western meals cost from 7 Euro, but likely more. The nights in Angeles City are said to be amusing throughout South-East-Asia. They offer a fantastic destination for any kind of nightlife.

angeles city Philippines

Men travelling alone, will surely find everything in order to experience an exciting holiday!

But where exactly is Angeles City Philippines located?

Angeles City Philippines is located in the heart of the Pampanga province and it is about 80km north of Manila. You can reach Angeles City from the Capital City in about 90 minutes if the traffic is favorable. As this is not often the case though, the transfer from Manila to Angeles City can take from 120 – 180 minutes. But it’s worth it!

Nevertheless, I have to repeat quite clearly that there’s also a dark side for all

The forced prostitution is a thriving business in Angeles City. Because of the poor conditions, some Filipina choose to go there and earn money in order to support their own family. That way, the Field Avenue increases more and more; twice as much in recent years, due to large investments from South Korea, where also a lot of customers come from. You will quickly recognize the development in this areas. Everything is more attractive, brighter, shriller, and more expensive, and mostly are Asian owners. The older part of the Field Avenue is mainly in the hands of Europeans and Americans – and it is much more pleasant and cheaper there, without difference in quality. The prices are even cheaper in the side roads and on the Perimeter Road.


There are hardly any regular bus lines and the few cabs are totally overpriced. The two most important means of transport are Jeepneys and Tricycles (motorcycles with side cars). The Tricycles are a pure rip-off in Angeles City compared to other locations in the Philippines: The costs for short distances are between 50 – 200 Pesos. It is better to book a hotel near the night life spots!

Alarm for pickpockets and thieves

For this reason, care has to be taken for valuables things like watches, necklaces, rings and jewelry. Practically, everything that flashes, should be in a safe or even better be left at home – even it’s only cheap. Having these thing attracts attention, so don’t wear it in this area to avoid the risk of being robbed. Status symbols have no place in the Third World for Europeans!